Remaining Soulful and Youthful with Riiku

Name and Surname: Rikuvera Kauapirura
Stage/ Artist name: Riiku
Age: 23

Occupation: Finance Management Student at I.U.M (International University of Management

Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

How did you get into music?

 Well, it started at my primary school Emma Hoogenhout. We were on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, and as drove down to SA two friends of mine (Mike Sinvula and the late Aleck de Kock) started freestyling.

I wasn’t really into rap music before then. They asked me to join in their freestyle and I did.

I started “doing my thing” everyone was feeling it. I probably just got “groot kop” but from that day onwards I knew me and Hip Hop were just made for each other, like a thirsty guy and water.


What is your message?

 I believe in my lyrical capabilities very much, the messages that I deliver in my music usually has to do with the everyday life stories going in my life and in the lives of those close to me. Some people tell me I’m a gospel rapper, but I think it’s only because I include God in my lyrics, I only do that because he is and always will be a part of my life.

  • Always be you and never fake that for anything in the world.

What other talents do you have?

Well I play football very well and I’m a very good dancer, please don’t test me.

I can ride a horse, is that a talent?

So you sing, rap and Produce, how do you balance the work load and maintain an objective ear when mixing/mastering your tracks? 

Producing is a newly acquired skill, so I haven’t done very much producing, for myself or for anyone else. However, that is still in the line of work for the near future.

Mixing and mastering I have done on the songs ‘Me & My Thoughts ft. CB’

( and on

‘Reality’ ( ) the others I have worked on will be released soon.

When mixing and mastering I believe that the Equalizer, compressor and reverb play the biggest part, cleaning the vocal and making sure that it stands out and the recording artist’s words are all clearly heard and understood are priority.

The effects and all that other stuff that I don’t see as very important or the things I add on just to spice up the song and make it more fun and enjoyable come in after. Every song should also be mastered according to its mood and the artist opinion is taken very much into consideration.



What are some of the challenges you faced/ are facing now?

Initially I had a problem with the quality of Namibian produced beats but that has changed drastically over the years and many improvements have been made. The guys have stepped up their game, now they know it’s not all fun and games.

Secondly, there was a shortage of studios but this is no more. Almost everyone has a studio in their bedroom now.

The recording quality is still not so good but there are a few people out there that have that quality, but nothing is free. Since I don’t work and I’m on that student life zone, it’s difficult for me to come up with those funds. I’m a solo artist with no manager or team to work with, I do this alone, but that’s the cost of being a loner in the industry.


What makes your music special compared to the others? 

I believe my music is very youthful and still has a very old soulful feeling to it.

It is very cultural and yet modernized at the same time, with a very clear aspect of who I am, what I stand for and what I believe in, and that is something no one can ever take away from me.

My music has no specific time or place as to where you can or cannot play it, any place anytime, it’s great for the ears and listeners mind.
A lot of the youth nowadays are going into the entertainment industry, what can you comment about that? 

Well entertainment is fun and at the same time when you “make it” you get cash… Who doesn’t want to make money while having fun? Not saying that the other industries are not fun but entertainment is just the one. It, for me, is also a very good thing that a lot of youth are going that way because we need enough people of our own to tell and spread our own stories from home.

I think the more the world knows about our history and daily lifestyle the better for us, I believe in National Pride. So when we do this entertainment thing, it’s not just for us, there is a whole lot more to it.


What keeps you going?

My Family, I have a big one. My dreams and reaching great heights and being synonymous to great Namibian Musicians.

I would like to get married and raise my children in a comfortable lifestyle.

Most of all, if someone out there hears my music and feels better about themselves or their day that makes me happy too. Being able to make someone else smile or happy that is hundreds of kilometers away from me through this music is a blessing.


Who do u hope to work with one day?

Mark Mushiva,






Flexx Fillimon Nangolo,

Steve C’more,

Native Mind,

Anna Shalihu,




Liz Ehlers,



The Roots,

Kanye West,

Andre 3000,


Erykah Badu,

Benjamin Clementine,

Mos Def/Talib Kweli,


Dr Dre,


Jay Electronica,

Donald Clover, Just to name a few.

This is in no particular order, I would prefer to work with people from home first, but which ever opportunity presents itself first, I’ll go for it.


Tell us something interesting about yourself? Anything at all…


I once starred at the moon and started crying, and I think I’m one of the many people (I don’t know of anyone else) that has Trypophobia.

Oh and when I was born the doctor cut me on the head with scissors and scarred me for life.

Check out Riiku on SoundCloud, Facebook and YouTube at Rikuvera Riiku Kauapirura.


Misfit Music on White Privilege

It’s understandable to some degree how some up and coming or younger artists can be overlooked.

They are young, loud and have so much energy.

Sometimes too much energy that they produce work that is not only immature and have poor quality but also doesn’t meet the standards that would have any one pressing repeat.

HOWEVER, that is not Static Playa.

On this cover of Macklemore’s White Privilege II Static not only does it better but his version brings the point home right, to the soil where it all began.

Static displays significant boldness and effort on this track showing his talent not only as an artist but also a producer.

In addition to the track, he expresses his opinion about the ‘White Privilege’ issue just as Macklemore did, mentioning the missing Chibok girls in Nigeria, who have not been found after 600 days and counting.

Static has definitely started the year 2016 on a high note and his fans expect him to only get bigger and better.

Listen to the Cover!

White Privilege II Macklemore II Misfit Music

By clicking:

Take some time to listen to the original by


Lyrics Quote:

If I’m aware of my privilege and do nothing at all, I don’t know
Hip-hop has always been political, yes
It’s the reason why this music connects


Mista Maestro Ft Byno Moment of Silence

Mista Maestro Ft Byno

“I made the song because I needed the world to hear the story. I felt like I was being haunted by my brother to do a song by virtue of being an artiste. My brother’s name is Sotonte.

I featured Byno. I I listen to a lot of Nigerian music and with the singers I didn’t think anyone would give me what I needed but him.

Coincidentally, it was almost the same period I wanted to do the song that the UNILAG tragedy occurred ;losing Oluchi whom Byno was close to so it was perfect timing, or so it seemed. The beat is by a foreign artiste.

I just hopped on it cos I felt it would help convey my message effectively. I’m currently working on an EP which is untitled at the moment. It’s likely going to drop first quarter of 2016.

Every song on it is a true life story like ‘Moment of Silence’. Thanks to my family, friends and family who have shown immense support especially since the song dropped.

Mista Maestro ft Byno Moment of Silence

The response has been overwhelming and I’m grateful to God for such people in my life. Now it’s time to introduce Mista Maestro to the world.”





The African Youth – Wake up

Aruwajoye Samson Omotola.

In any society the youths make up the bigger part of the population. Ranging from the ages of 14- 45, they are the most important part of the society in a country because they have the energy and ability to work.

The views of the youths on world affairs or the cosmos in general tends to be different from the way those outside the age bracket stated above views it.

The youths possess characteristics that distinguishes them from the rest of society.

Some worth mentioning are:

  • Global acceptance – they are more liberal, Tolerant
  • Love for peace and non-violence
  • Disregard of superstitious beliefs,
  • Democracy,
  • Common ideas and mentality,
  • Fundamental human rights,
  • Public opinion,
  • Respect for and protection of life,
  • Freedom,
  • Inter cultural sharing,
  • Collaboration
  • Charity,
  • Respect and Accommodation

These have served as a connection amongst youths even to on a global level. With the rate of globalization, it has allowed more youths to be qualified enough to be involved in politics, military and foreign relations of their countries and others.

Those older than the specified age bracket may have the knowledge and experience but it is high time they hand over to the youths of today to prepare for tomorrow. They are welcomed to stand as advisors.

In Africa one cannot hide the fact that modernization has reached the continent in a late hour, nevertheless it is progressing. Those who have been in power since the eradication of colonial powers must now allow new, fresh blood to be in power. This is the age of re-modification and technological advancement, this is the area that most youths have power and knowledge and have used it to the best of their advantage.

We do not argue that our elders know best, but when will the youths be allowed to prove that they too can accomplish greatness.

The logic behind this is that during the Precolonial Era, Africa practiced what was known as Gerontocracy and still believes that everything is equal while it was clear that those in power had the advantage and any idea of the youths is shut down or simply discouraged.

This inferiority complex discouraged youths from participating in government level issues, though everything is different now. Youths are rising now to criticize and scrutinize the activities of the government and this movement is gaining more momentum by the day.

The principle of this write up is to challenge the youths to stand up to their full potential. More youths should come together and make themselves available to get involved and give their opinions about how their country operates.

Not only stopping at giving opinions but to take necessary steps to ensure that the best interests of the citizens are what drives the decisions of the legislative, executive and judiciary branches of the government.

Youths are capable of resourceful ideas and approaches that can revolutionize an entire country.

There are many negative pictures painted about the African youth. It is time to turn all of that around. There is always a choice to be and do better. There is always room for improvement. The reward of hard-work is sweet.

African youths should not be tackled with force but rather encouraged to make use of the platforms available to them to do better. More platforms should be created for them to make best use of their talents. Also scholarships and a sound education should be provided, creation of corporate companies in order to provide employment opportunities to graduates so as to encourage young minds in creating interest for education.

African youths need to be recalled, this means that prominent African youths in diaspora or African graduate abroad that has gained broad experience will definitely do better in their various home countries and through their knowledge, they will be able to contribute to their various countries’ development and their unity will serve as a driving force behind their development.

Education to the Youths must not be holistic in nature as we have now but rather it must be done according to passion and talent of every individual. More importantly Africans should not as a result of the present situation be viewed as evil or backward but a victim of circumstances as every society, no matter how small is not perfect but strive towards perfection which is the goal of every being in the world…not all humans are evil, in the same vein, Africans should not all be viewed as evil.

Going Underground into New York’s Tunnels: A Glimpse at Life in the Dark


“You’re the first person to visit this week,” he says. “People don’t want to speak to me when they come here. I don’t know, man. They’re scared or something. I can get why, it’s a spooky place when you don’t know it. But people, they like it when it’s scary. They like it when it’s dirty, right? It makes them feel alive. That’s why they make up these stories about cannibalism and stuff. Like alligators in the sewers.”

Jon offers me a sip of vodka. We drink together. He tells me to stay safe and to watch out for trains when I go back walking into the tunnel. I hear him talk to himself as I go away from the entrance and from the white sky.

The smell down here is the one of brake dust and mold. I can see rats scouring for food and drinking from brown puddles…

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From producer to Director to Manager James Kayode Osho who also goes by the name KM TUNEZ said he has no competition.

It takes a lot of courage and boldness to take on multiple hands on roles in the entertainment industry.

“To be real, I don’t compete with any one. I focus only on my work, my hustle and I believe in my sounds.” The talented producer stated.

His style he describes as the Afro sound. “Because it’s Cultural and African. I can really express my feelings and thoughts through that sound.”

He expresses his appreciation to Artists who are working hard at not letting the traditional sounds of Music go. “That’s one of the reasons why I would love to work with Wizkid over and over again. A big shout out to Wizkid.”

As a Music producer, he explained that he began in the church. “I found I had the talent to drum and I was exposed to so many opportunities to work with producers growing up. I loved what they do and I believed I could do it even better with time.”

He eventually started his own producing career and got into video directing. “I direct videos and movies. I write scripts and create concepts for videos”

Going on five years in the industry he said his willingness to learn has advanced him. Tunez has worked with artists such as Reminisce, Slim joe, Malaika, Samklef, the late Fada U Turn and many more.

With no formula to his success he mentions that for him dedication, passion, skills and a good team are important. “You also have to be very humble.” He adds.

He hopes to one day work with Olamide, Jessy Jack, Davido, Skales, 2 face, Wizkid and Cynthia Morgan, commenting that he enjoys her style of music because it’s different.

Currently working on his album he says it will motivate and inspire all who listen to it. “It will make Nigerians and Africans at large proud.”

Not revealing the release date he said “I know my fans are all waiting for it, so it won’t take time. But in the meantime watch out for my artists’ single dropping real soon titled VICTORY BY KHENDUMA, produced by me.”

Not forgetting a word for other up-comers he encouraged “I respect you all. Always believe in yourself, your work and you sound. Put more effort to anything you are doing because that is very important.”

“I pray we are all gonna get there. I love you all and am ready to work with anyone of you who wants to work with me or needs my help, am always here for you all.” He concluded.

His most well-known work SINDY LOVE is a true hit. The song not only shows his talent but also that he has the materials for greatness. The song is sure to get you moving with its blend of Traditional and modern beat style flow and with the pidgin and Yoruba lyrics. The mastering and voicing fit right with the beat.

Recommended to download SINDY LOVE by KM TUNEZ.

Some links to his works:

Sindy love .. Hot New Music:: “Sindy Love” From fastest rising Artist KM Tunez ~ Ilcity’s Blog

Hot New Music:: “Sindy Love” From fastest rising Artist …

Kayode Osho popularly known as KM.

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TGIF Mixed by KM TUNEZ  LeoBillz ft Jayfeel – TGIF (Prod. by Samklef)

LeoBillz ft Jayfeel – TGIF (Prod. by Samklef)

Highly rated music act ‘LeoBillz’ is here with his official music debut featuring Nigerian Idol finalist Jayfeel. This track was produced by the celebrat…

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 BUMBA DANCE Produced by KM TUNEZ 360Fresh: Billz – Bumba Dance

360Fresh: Billz – Bumba Dance

Billz is an upcoming afro-pop artiste, real names Ojo Toluwashe. He started music officially in 2010, but has always been a music lover since childhoo…

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Meet Yungme…The next rated.

By Aruwajoye Samson Omotola.


“Yung me! Omo Mummy”, this catch phrase is the signature of no other but Emmanuel Oluwatosin Akeju, also known as “YungMe” (a stage name he claimed he got from the fact that he’s young, talented and agile.)

Yungme is perhaps one name not be easily forgotten as he is a talented Nigerian singer/songwriter and entertainer who believes he has come to make an impact in the industry.

He is known as an international brand in his genre Afro-beats and Afro-Pop.IMG-20151112-WA0015

Born on the 7th of June, 1990. In Ife town, Osun state, southwestern part of Nigeria, he’s currently based in Turkey where he’s studying computer science in an international University. He started off as a singer when he was younger, singing in the church choir, he plays the guitar, violin and piano which he explained was introduced to him by his brother.

He unplugged his singing potential fully after he performed to a big audience IMG-20151112-WA0018in Turkey, he was in a group called the Music African Society and was not supposed to take the lead until the plan was changed by the manager at the last minute.

The crowd was elated and he gave that single performance his all and has continue to do so ever since.

His influenced by the likes of PSquare, 2face and Usher, whom he stated serve as motivation for him.

He revealed his first single “Baraje” which he described as his very first experience of being a singer. This controversial single has raised a lot of questions because the beat is the Alingo by PSquare beat.

When asked if he was bothered about it, he answered that he was not bothered at all as the attention that this beat has created was just what he needed and it brings him close to meeting his mentors.

He’s currently working on his second single which will be released with its video. He refused to disclose the date of its release saying that he wants it to be a surprise. He further explained that he has quite few collaborations coming up, Tatiana(Russian singer), Febz(United States) and others…

He has performed on stages in Turkey and also in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ede Polytechnic in Nigeria and preparing to storm Lagos. He won the Fame Music Online competition which granted him some recognition and familiarity with the likes of Ice prince, DJ Abrantee in UK, May7 in UK and few DJs in Ghana.

He’s advice for upcoming artists is to stay focused, appreciate family and respect God.IMG-20151112-WA0017

His handles are: twitter: @call_me_YUNG

Facebook: yungme(omo mummy)

Instagram: @yungme247.